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Celebrating the Women behind our Panama Weaves

Our women hat weavers are truly experts in their craft. Most of them learned as young girls watching their mothers.

They have spent their lives weaving hats as means to support their families and continue the tradition that is an integral part of the highland culture of Ecuador.

Their talent and creativity are inspiring. We never take them for granted, and we’re so grateful to have the honour to work with them. ⁠

To learn more about how our weavers turn straw into elegant and sophisticated hats, visit here.

Panama hat weaver

For over 30 years, Pachacuti has championed women in business. Carry Somers’ vision and mission were to prove to the fashion industry that women in fashion supply chains deserve respect and fair pay for their hard work.

Carry Somers with Panama Hat Weavers

She set up Pachacuti to address the inequalities she saw and began working directly with cooperatives of women weavers through fair trade to help them create a viable livelihood from their skills. ⁠

This is why Pachacuti is proud to support International Women’s Day and continue to support its message. Find out more at #InternationalWomensDay.




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