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Atlantic Panama Trilby

Atlantic Panama Trilby


Oceanside Vibes

Dive into the ocean cool with our Atlantic Trilby, a narrow-brim Panama that captures the essence of summer. The deep navy straw, reminiscent of the ocean’s depths, is paired with a playful striped grosgrain ribbon with colours like the waves in the sun. This Panama hat isn’t just about sun protection; it’s a smart, statement piece that looks sharp yet relaxed. It will transition effortlessly from lounging at the beach club during the day to impromptu social gatherings with friends and family under the summer night sky.

Atlantic narrow brim Trilby front view men's Panama hat SS24 collection

Design & Craftsmanship

Navy blue brisa weave: Lightweight, comfortable, with slight variations of colour.

Narrow Brim (4-5 cm): Stylish with hand-finished edges.

Italian grosgrain ribbon: Adds sophistication in light blue, teal, and navy.

Designed and hand-finished in England: In the heart of the Peak District.

Meet the expert Weavers:Connect with the skilled artisans behind your hat.

gardener wearing crochet panama hat


Why should anyone be frightened by a hat?


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


a gardener's hat

The “paja toquilla” fibre used in our hat production is organically grown and sustainably harvested from a community owned plantation. This ecological cultivation provides income to the community whilst encouraging biodiversity and preserving the environment for future generations.


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