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Classic Panama Fedora – Select Brisa

Classic Panama Fedora – Select Brisa



This men’s Classic fedora is an iconic Pachacuti Panama hat and a fixture of enduring summer style. Renowned for its lightness of weave, it is perceived to be the epitome of a gentleman’s hat. Our select Brisa weave is a perfect summer sun hat. Many retailers would sell this quality weave as a rollable hat, but as Panama hat specialists, we do not recommend that you do this. Please see our more flexible finer weaves for rollable options. Handmade sustainably in Ecuador, this classic will become a trusty companion for years and encompasses Pachacuti’s slow fashion ethos.



• Trimmed with Petersham ribbon

• The brim of this hat is approximately 7 cm. Please note, brim widths may vary slightly as they are all handmade and hand finished

• Please get in touch if you are looking for a size not listed

• Made from sustainably grown toquilla straw

• Our handwoven Panama hats are made in Ecuador following Fair Trade and sustainable business practices. Meet our hat weavers


Looking for your favourite colour?

Discover our Hat Designer, featuring over 30 colours to choose from. Our skilled milliners will craft your perfect hat and dispatch it to you within days.


Timeless style is the key to Pachacuti’s Panama Hat collections with designs of enduring longevity which look good not just from season to season, but for decades.

As “slow” fashion pioneers, Pachacuti has sought to add a twist to what is classic or bring enduring design to seasonal trends to provide our customers with truly sustainable British luxury.


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