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Licorice Panama Fedora

Licorice Panama Fedora



The Liquorice Panama hat embodies a tasteful fusion of art and fashion, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship inherent to the weaver’s art. The rhythmic interplay of brown and black rows harmonises to create a visually striking contrast, both contemporary and sophisticated. This hat is a testament to the magic of weaving skills, where colour and technique unite to produce a piece that isn’t just a hat but a statement.

Its classic fedora shape is elegantly accented with a slender, vintage passementerie braid sourced from an antique textile fair, adding a layer of old-world charm. The finishing detail, a touch of gold from the Pachacuti logo, infuses the piece with an air of luxury.

The Liquorice hat pays homage to the timeless art of weaving, offering an exquisite choice that promises to elevate any ensemble, day or night, with its blend of artisanal heritage and modern chic.

Licorice two tone fedora front view women's Panama hat SS24 collection

Design & Craftsmanship

Classic Panama Fedora: Elegantly trimmed with vintage braid.

Structured design: Not suitable for rolling or folding.

Brim approx. 7 cm: Slight variations due to handcrafting.

Handwoven in Ecuador: Fair Trade and sustainable practices.

Crafted from sustainably grown toquilla straw: Genuine Panama hat.

Licorice two tone fedora SS24 collection side view smiling model shot


Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful.


William Morris


Licorice Two tone fedora SS24 Collection, closeup top down model shot

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