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Mariner Natural Panama Trilby

Mariner Natural Panama Trilby



The Mariner Natural trilby is a Panama hat of casual sophistication. The warm colour of the natural straw and Petersham ribbon blend perfectly with Summer suiting. This unique textured weave was designed for Pachacuti, creating a hat that is flexible and allows air to circulate on hot Summer days. Lastly, you can roll this hat making it easily packable for all your adventures.



• Teardrop shaped crown with airy open weave for cool ventilation

• Handmade hat with a twisted weave

• Hat can easily be rolled for your travels

• Fabric trimmed brim. The brim of this hat is approximately 6 cm

• Made from sustainably grown toquilla straw

• Our handwoven Panama hats are made in Ecuador following Fair Trade and sustainable business practices. Meet our hat weavers

Men's stylish, Mariner twisted weave Panama hat with natural ribbon and ladies Serra wide brim fedora.

At Pachacuti, we know that clothing can be made in a way that doesn’t exploit people or harm the natural environment. Fashion should provide fair and equal pay and provide livelihoods that are sustainable.


Click Below to Discover the Journey of Who Made Your Panama Hat.

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