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Tuscan Planter

Tuscan Planter


Tuscan Planter

Discover our Tuscan Planter, a sun hat of classic design and modern craftsmanship, paying tribute to the charm of the Tuscan countryside. This wide-brim hat, made from palm leaf straw, is handwoven and sewn by our skilled Mexican artisans. The unique hand-toasting technique gives the straw a rich, warm brown, reflecting the depth of Tuscany’s rustic beauty. The hat’s wide brim offers both style and sun protection, echoing the practical headgear of farmers, refined for modern tastes.

Artisanal craftsmanship is evident in every detail, including a bespoke braid inspired by a vintage textile find. We then commissioned an English workshop skilled in antique textile replication to recreate it with our colourful twist. This braid, featuring shades of terracotta, beige, olive, and wine, evokes the beauty of Tuscany’s landscape. It is further enhanced by a subtle, gold-hued leather braided trim and our exclusive gold logo pin, adding a touch of elegance.

We believe that the Tuscan Planter transcends its role as an accessory; it is an emblem of our artisanal integrity, a celebration of Tuscany’s scenic beauty, and a tribute to the craftsmanship behind it. Designed for those who value depth and quality in their wardrobe, it combines the functionality and style will last.

This hat is available in only two sizes – Small (56-58) and Medium (59-61), utilising an elasticated band to ensure a comfortable fit.

Tuscan Planter palm front view Panama hat SS24

Design & Craftsmanship

Planter crown shape: Peak and valley oval shape.

Wide brim – 9cm: Excellent sun protection.

Custom-designed trims: Small batch production championing heritage crafts.

Palm leaf hand-braided and stitched: Sustainable material.

Master artisanship from Mexico: Backing rural economic empowerment.

Hand-assembled in England: Artisan craftsmanship from the Peak District.

Tuscan palm planter SS24 collection Pachacuti hat Close side profile shot of model against warm pink wall.


I’m enjoying the most perfect tranquillity, free from all worries, and in consequence would like to stay this way forever, in a peaceful corner of the countryside like this.


Claude Monet


Tuscan palm planter handwoven Pachacuti beach hat, SS24 collection. Medium shot of model in woven dress against warm pink wall and bamboo.

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