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Step into Tradition

Embrace Sustainable Luxury with Pachacuti’s Hand-Woven Leather Shoes

Like our famous Panama Hats, our Pachacuti shoes represent so much more than an investment in your summer wardrobe…Because woven into every pair is the story of a community and its cultural traditions.

You are investing in the skill and craftsmanship of our Mexican artisans and their mastery of an ancient craft. Our designs have evolved from the Huarache – handwoven shoes with origins in pre-Columbian Mexico. The artisans’ skill is in hand-weaving the vegetable-tanned leather to produce our collection.  Above all, by supporting our Fair Trade practices, you help to ensure that our shoemakers receive a fair wage for their work, along with the recognition they deserve.

During the last 30 years we have endeavoured to build our fashion brand on a strong foundation of social and environmental responsibility. We firmly believe that luxury should not come at the expense of the exploitation of workers.  Luxury products should bring tangible benefits to everyone involved in their creation.

Therefore, we have made sure that we have only worked with artisan groups whose values closely match ours. Organisations with integrity who care about their workers, treating them with generosity and respect.

We are extending those same values to the customers of our shoe collection. Purchasing a pair of Pachacuti shoes means you will join us in becoming a patron of a centuries old, sustainable tradition.

As favourite Mexican designer Carla Fernandez states in her Manifesto:

The Wearer is a Collector.

Caring For You Shoes

We take pride in crafting stylish, durable footwear using environmentally friendly, vegetable-tanned leather. This leather, avoiding harmful chemicals, ages beautifully, gaining a natural patina. To ensure your shoes last, we’ve provided a guide for their care.

Essential Maintenance Tools:

Shoe Trees: Preserve your shoes’ shape, absorb moisture, and maintain freshness.
Shoe Brushes: Ideal for removing old polish and applying new, these durable brushes offer a sustainable choice. Use darker brushes for dark polishes and lighter ones for light polishes.

Cleaning Instructions:

Preparation: Remove laces, insert shoe trees, and clean off dirt with a damp cloth or horse hair brush. Optionally, apply a suitable shoe cleaner.

Conditioning: Prevent drying by applying a conditioner with a shoe brush, tailored to weather conditions. Wipe off excess after some time.

Polishing: Buff polish into the shoes with a cloth and a different brush for a shine. Let dry before storing.

Following these steps ensures your Pachacuti shoes remain in excellent condition, offering you joy and reduced environmental impact.

Our Vegetable Tanned Leather

Our shoe collection is crafted using vegetable-tanned leather, sourced from a small batch producer in Guadalajara, Mexico, who employs the traditional, process of transforming cowhide into leather using natural plant tannins from sources such as oak, spruce bark, and mimosa to colour and strengthen the hides. Vegetable tanning is a meticulous process that spans 2 months, ensuring each piece of leather is perfectly prepared without the use of harmful chemicals such as chromium, commonly found in industrial tanning, which have been linked to significant environmental and health issues.

Choosing vegetable-tanned leather reflects our commitment to responsible manufacturing, prioritizing the health of our workers and the planet, while fostering strong relationships with the communities we work with. This approach not only respects the environment and the artisans’ health but also celebrates the rich heritage of traditional shoemaking.

Shoe being woven by hand in factory

Your Perfect Fit

You want shoes that feel lovely and fit like slippers. Pachacuti shoes are made from handwoven, soft leather that adapts to the shape of your foot. We recommend a reasonably, snug and comfortable fit at first and then letting the shoe loosen as you wear them. The leather will quickly relax and conform perfectly to your foot.

Woven leather men's shoe


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