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We are all connected

Here at Pachacuti, we are designers, artisans, and change-makers. For over 30 years, our handcrafted Panama hats have been woven into the beautiful stories of our clientele and the places they’ve encountered, enriching a journey that continues to unfold.

The story of our British company began high up in the Andes, with our Fair Trade mission and collaboration with rural artisans to produce our collections. This journey demonstrates how vast and diverse our world is, yet at the same time, new experiences and connections bring us closer than ever, revealing that despite our differences, shared moments and discoveries unite us.

As the world outside races ahead in search of the next big thing, we believe there is something special about slowing down and appreciating the wonder of the here and now, and expressing gratitude for the gifts we share.

Yes, the good life can be found in the present moment; all we have to do is open our eyes to see it.

Mark Rogers

Creative Director and Chief Hatter

Pachacuti 2024 campaign group shot
Group of women wearing Pachacuti Panamas in walking in Mallorca


Our SS2024 Collection


This season, we ventured to Mallorca for inspiration, a vibrant Spanish island in the heart of the Mediterranean. There, we came across a magical village of Deià: a meeting place for artists and creatives from all over the world to come and let their imaginations run free.

As makers ourselves, we too spend most of the year working hard in the studio in the Peak District or in our workshop in Ecuador, and relished the opportunity to recharge our inspiration and explore our creativity. A time to be kind to ourselves, to learn new things and bounce ideas off new friends we meet along the way.

women and men wearing stylish panama hats

So this season, we’re renewing our commitment to focusing on collaboration, preservation, transformation and reinterpretation. Each piece in our 2024 collection is made with love and designed with a slow fashion ethos to last a lifetime. 

There’s more to Pachacuti than first meets the eye. We hope that you’ll share in the philosophy that runs behind everything we do. This is not fast fashion, but a sustainable story built on virtues that continue to stand the test of time.

The next chapter is about to begin.

So, let’s enjoy the journey together.